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Visit of His Excellency  the Minister of Public Business Sector to Alexandria Company for Refractories
On Saturday, corresponding to 13th May,2023 , His Excellency the Minister of Business Sector, Mr. Dr. Engineer / Mahmoud Mustafa Esmat, attended and honored the company’s headquarters in Alexandria, where His Excellency and the accompanying gentlemen were welcomed. Also, a comprehensive review of the company, its activities, and
its  most important products, and the constant care to achieve the highest quality of those products . His Excellency also made a tour inside the Alexandria factory, passing through the different production areas such as presses area, how to form shaped refractory products, and the unshaped production area of refractory castables and refractory mortars products, as well as some of the company's workshops. The visit also focused on the company's rotary kiln used to burn raw kaolin. His Excellency emphasized the permanent follow-up and the necessary periodic maintenance of all equipment to maintain the continuity of the high performance of the company's equipment.