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Visiting Chef. Dr./ Medhat Nafea, chairman of Holding Company for metallurgical industries
Dr. Medhat Nafie, Chairman of the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries, Alexandria Refractories Company, was received by Dr. Salah Nehmedo, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Company, a number of Board members, auditors, technical and labor leaders and employees.  
During the visit, Medhat Nafie inaugurated the tunnel furnace after a six- month stopover due to a gas explosion inside the oven. The oven was completely refurbished with local materials and the employees of the company, providing 81% of the total estimated cost. The reform on the fixed asset, which made the cost of reform almost negligible but the company benefited from the longevity of the productive furnace after the reform, turning into a new furnace.   The company is currently developing the non-formed and non-formed thermal refractories product, using a chemical bonding and drying, to reduce the cost of gas consumption, as well as carrying out studies and experiments for the production of diatomite bricks. These two types are not produced locally but are imported from abroad. Expressed his pride and appreciation for the efforts exerted to renovate and operate the tunnel kiln.