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Community and workers service

Training plans for workers:

The company sends its workers to training courses in the following areas:

Courses to develop leaders.

Training courses for human resources and organizational structures.

Training courses in marketing.

Training courses in financial accounting and banking areas.

Training courses for forgin language .

Computer courses of  all types .

Training courses on the Internet .

Courses in mechanical and electrical maintenance.


Personnel services (care for workers and their families):

Association of Hajj and Umrah.


Provides service for performance of the Hajj and Umrah for workers and their families.


Orphan guaranty .


Treatment of workers and their families.

Housing Society:  provides the availability of land at a low price to build houses for workers.

Sports Club: physical activity - Social activity - tours.

Fellowship Fund: to provide many of the durable goods at a low price .

The company's activity in the field of community service:

Afforesting  the surrounding areas of the company and increasing the green areas around the


Contributing in corporeal and cash donations in the service of the society.

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