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In  periodic meetings, the Board discusses the company statements  for the  past month and for the

period from the beginning of the fiscal year and until the  end of the past month compared with the target,

and  the corresponding year  earlier, according to the following topics: -


View current activity data that include production data , sales and

exports ,the  activity of foreign operations, the development of average

selling prices for the  company's products, the movement of complete

stocks and a statement of  employment and wages .


Presentation of financial performance that includes statements of

income and  expenses and the surplus before and after  the exotic

taxes at the level of  the  company units, a statement of balances of

inventory, a statement of customer  and receivables balances, cash

flow statement, statement of investments .


View the technical report that includes a report on primary materials, quality of products and  the

breakage rates, and a report on the activity of research and development  within the company, also to

view the monthly production plaining report.


View the target operation program of the company's factories for the following  month.


View the report of the marketing activity that includes a program of customer’s  visits and the activity

of after-sales service.


Adoption of the quarterly financial positions and the budget estimates for the  company and discuss the

report of Mr. Accountant / Auditor in preparation for  submission of annual financial statements and

budget estimates on the  company's general assembly for adoption. 


Other businesses include the adoption of Tenders procurement with the  money amounts under the

authority of the Board's adoption, recruitment of  personnel of leadership, the adoption of records of

exclusion and abandonment  of fixed assets, adoption of the lists of the sale prices of the company's

products,  any other issues essential, such as merger or increasing the capital of the  company,…… etc..

Records of the Board of Directors
Board of Directors meets regularly once every month except meetings of the  Governing Council on an urgent basis to discuss substantive and urgent issues.
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