ALEXANDRIA CO. FOR REFRACTORIES ACR ﺎﻳﺮﺤﻠﻟ ﺔﻳﺪﻨﻜﺳﻹ ﺔﻛﺮﺷ  ﺔﻴﻧﺪﻌﻤﻟ ﺎﻋﺎﻨﺼﻟ

Alexandria Company for Refractories is one of the oldest companies in the field of manufacturing refractories

and ceramics in Africa and the Middle East area as it has been the leader in manufacturing refractories and ceramics

since the beginning of twentieth century.

The company has two factories:

•Alexandria factory for refractories:

Main Products: Shaped Products: Alumino-Silicate refractories 25% to 42% Al2O3. High Alumina refractories 45% to 85% Al2O3. Insulating refractories 70% Al2O3 0.7-1.2 g/cm3. Chemically bonded refractories up to 85%. Unshaped Refractories: Castable refractories 40% to 96% Al2O3 “Dense & Light-weight” (Traditional & Low Cement). Mortars “Air-Setting & Heat-Setting” up to 80% Al2O3. Calcined Kaolin at 1450° (Rotary Kiln) with any grain size. The possibility of Design, Coating and Maintenance of all industrial furnaces. These products are covered the requirements of different industries (iron and steel - aluminum - cement - petroleum industry - ceramics - steam boilers – building bricks).

• Sornaga factory for ceramic :

Main Products: Ceramic Floor Tiles: Used in Factories, Power Stations, Laboratories, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Back area, Swimming Pools, Pavements Works and Metro Stations. Ceramic Facing Bricks: Cladding of costal buildings, also used in decorations, Landscaping and Kitchens. Roofing Tiles: This products are produced in standard different shapes suitable for all roofing processes. We Export our products to the following Countries: (Syria - Saudi Arabia – Jourdan – Tunisia – Morocco – Lebanon – Sudan – Cyprus - Côte d’Ivoire – Spain - …..). 
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